To Contact Us:

Faith Mission Crisis Center
114-40 Van Wyck Expwy
Queens, NY 11420
Phone: 718.322.3455
Fax: 718.322.3677

What type of organization is FMCC?
FMCC is a 501 3 (C), faith-based, behavioral health care organization. We are a New York State registered charitable organization. We operate a 36 bed residential crisis center for adult men and women. We provide a safe environment for detoxification, stabilization, and referral to continuing care settings.
What is the mission?
FMCC seeks to provide to provide high quality care to men and women suffering from substance use disorders and its accompanying problems.
How was FMCC started?
FMCC was founded by group of community leaders in 1988. The vision of a crisis center for men and women stemmed from their work with indigent men and women in the Jamaica, Queens’s area for over the three decades.
Are you part of religious organization?
We are a non-sectarian organization. We do not espouse any religious views. However, we do believe that spirituality is the cornerstone of recovery and faith is a viable agent for change.
What makes you Faith-Based?
We firmly believe that faith is an integral part of a sustained recovery process. Faith has the power to restore motivation and a belief in self necessary to live productively.
When did FMCC begin services?
The Crisis Center began operation in the winter of 1993.
How many clients are served yearly?
FMCC admits 1300-1450 clients in crisis annually. However, we also provide information, referrals, and guidance to hundreds of others.
Who qualifies for services?
Adult men and women with a history of alcoholism and/or substance abuse. Clients must be in need of medically monitored withdrawal services, at risk of relapse due to current life circumstances, or are awaiting a bed date at residential treatment facility.
What do services cost?
All services are 100% FREE. We believe that there should be no financial barriers to treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse.
Who are your funders?
FMCC is funded by New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and is under contract with the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. We also receive funding from New York City Human Resources Administration and individual donors.
What services are provided?
FMCC is fully licensed by OASAS to provide non-medical detoxification, crisis intervention, medical monitoring, psychosocial assessment, individual & group counseling, treatment & discharge planning, case conferences, family support services, advocacy, entitlement eligibility, and referrals.
What are your clients’ demographics?
    Over the past four years clients served are:
  • 60% Black, 17% White, 15% Latino, 5% Asian, and 3% other,
  • 85% of clients served are male, 15% female,
  • Over 80% are homeless,
  • Over 90% are unemployed,
  • 75% have no insurance,
  • Over 40% of clients have a co-occurring mental illness or a serious medical problem.
What is staff structure?
FMCC employs highly trained and experienced qualified health professionals. Our staff consists of credentialed counselors, licensed social workers and mental health counselors, registered nurses, emergency service technicians, and other support staff. FMCC is also a teaching facility that trains MSW, BSW, and CASAC interns from local educational institutions.
Who runs FMCC?
FMCC Board of Directors sets policies and directives for agency governance. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing daily operations at the behest of the board.
Who is on your board?
FMCC’s Board of Directors consists of a diverse group of community leaders, agency executives, and recovering persons who are committed to ensuring quality and consistent care to our clients.
What is the program philosophy?
We believe that addiction is a primary, progressive, chronic disorder with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. The disorder is not only progressive, but also fatal. It is characterized by impaired control over use of the substance (including alcohol), preoccupation with the substance, use of the substance despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking. We hold that recovery from addiction is possible if clients commit themselves to recovery, receive the appropriate treatment, and post treatment support services. Finally, we firmly believe that faith is a viable agent for change.
What is your treatment approach?
FMCC utilizes holistic, strengths-based perspectives, empowerment, motivational interviewing, and self-help models of change. We also train and encourage all clinical and medical staff members to learn and utilize evidence-based practices.
Where do clients go when they leave FMCC?
Once treatment is completed our clients are referred based on need and desire. Approximately 30% are referred to long term residential programs, about 20% go to 28 day rehabs, about 20% go to Recovery Homes, and remaining clients are referred to mental health or medical settings.
What is your success rate?
Approximately 80% of clients’ complete safe withdrawal, nearly 50% enters into continuing care, 70% of homeless clients are referred to supportive living environment, and all clients receive referral information for self-help groups.
What are your strengths?
Compassionate and competent care, delivered by a diverse and committed staff, accountable to the clients we serve.